Pharm D. is a six year course providing intensive training in pharmacy practice and clinical pharmacy services. The course will include five years of clinical and community-based theory with ward rounds and one year internship in hospitals. We have our own teaching hospital with good infrastructure focusing mainly on clinical aspects. Pharm D. students will work in coordination with doctors to care the patients. In the final year, the student will come out as a clinical pharmacist who will be an essential component of healthcare. Pharm D. graduates will study in detail about drugs for different diseases, will advise patients about dose, action, and side effects and has knowledge and skills of current diagnostic methods, treatment modalities, drug delivery system, therapeutics outcome, and pharmaco therapy to meet the rapid changes in the healthcare system.

A clinical pharmacist is a vital link in the physician-patient chain and he is expected to play a key role in the dissemination of pharmaceutical knowledge. The practice of pharmacy includes the custody, preparation and distribution of pharmaceutical products besides providing advice on health and nutrition related issues. The introduction of the Pharm D course is set to change the country's traditional pharmacy education methods to international levels.

The programme of Pharm.D is to produce clinical pharmacists who have the abilities and skills which are necessary to achieve outcomes related to:

  • Providing Pharmaceutical care to patients.
  • Developing and managing medication distribution and control systems.
  • Monitoring drug response in patients and adjusting dosage regimens to produce the safest, most beneficial results in therapy.
  • Managing the pharmacy.
  • Promoting public health
  • Providing technical aid to Pharmaceutical industry and solving problems pertinent to the manufacturing of medicines.
  • Reviewing products evaluated for formulary consideration.
  • Evaluating policies, procedure, protocols and clinical pathways to ensure safe use of medications.
  • Analyzing quality assurance activities to ensure that improvements are implemented to produce positive patient outcomes.
Duration of the course

The duration of the course shall be six academic years (five years of study and one year of internship) full time with each academic year spread over a period of not less than two hundred working days. The period of six years duration is divided into two phases -
Phase I- consisting of First, Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth academic year.
Phase II- consisting of internship or residency training during sixth year involving posting in specialty units.
It is a phase of training wherein a student is exposed to actual clinical pharmacy services and acquires skill under supervision so that he or she may become capable of functioning independently.

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