M.Pharm or Master of Pharmacy is a postgraduate degree, which covers the preparation, dispensing, and proper consumption of drugs. M.Pharm graduates are much demanded in research operations in pharmaceutical industry. M.Pharm graduates are also preferred in production work in pharmaceutical industry and in pharmaceutical laboratories. The role of pharmacist in laboratories is to analyze the purity and strength of drugs manufactured.

Eligibility for M. Pharm

A candidate who has passed the B.Pharm degree examination of Kerala University of Health Sciences or an examination equivalent thereto of any other university recognized by Kerala University of Health Sciences with not less than a total of 55% marks for the B.Pharm degree examination shall be eligible for admission to M.Pharm degree course. The candidate should have undergone B.Pharm degree course in an institution approved by AICTE and the PCI.

After M.Pharm
  • Formulation Research & Development.
  • Research & Development.
  • Analytical Chemist.
  • Production Chemist
  • Drugs Inspector
  • Regulatory affairs
  • Academician
  • Pharmaceutical testing and management.

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