Employment Potential

Jobs can be sought from industries, in the area of Marketing, Manufacturing of drugs, Hospitals, Health Clinics, R&D Laboratories, Quality Control and Research and Developments. Placement can be sought in hospitals as clinical and hospital pharmacists.

Besides students can seek positions abroad as pharmacist. Immense job potential is foreseen for self-employment as well. There are 18,000 Registered Pharma Companies employing an average of 150 strong field executives per company having All India Operations (Bombay Chamber of Commerce Report 1993). That means there are 27 lacs field executives in the market without proper qualification, besides 60,000 product executives and 18,000 product managers working for various companies in India. It is estimated that the turnover of employees is about 30 to 40% per annum. This clearly indicates the vast employment potential in Pharma Health Industry.