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Nehru College of Pharmacy

Nehru College of Pharmacy is one among few of its kind, which is equipped to facilitate research work. The energetic involvement of eminent professors, Pharmaceutical industry experts supported by research-oriented lab, full fledged computerised library etc., makes it a cut above the rest.

Nehru College of Pharmacy (ISO 9001: 2008) is under the umbrella of Nehru Group of Institutions which is one among the prestigious institution in south India situated in Gods own country on the banks of river Nila (Bharathapuzha) and at the foot hills of the vilwadri hill shrine, Thiruvilwamala in a 40 acre vibrant lush green educational complex. It is centrally located in Pampady, Thiruvilwamala, Thrissur Dt, Kerala. The serene, pollution free surroundings, scented by the light breeze, make the climate salubrious and conducive atmosphere for effective learning.

Nehru College of Pharmacy was established in the year 2003 with B. pharmacy degree courses by late Chairman Sri. P. K. Das and milestone of its development M. Pharm (Pharmaceutics, Pharmacy Practice and Pharmacognosy), Pharm. D and D. pharm courses were commenced from 2010, 2013 and 2015 respectively. Since we have our well established own hospital infrastructures (750 bed super specialty hospital) of P K Das Institute of Medical Sciences, Vaniyamkulam, Ottapalam, students are having the opportunity of better service utilization.

Our Motto

“Discipline and Devotion to light a Ray of Wisdom”.

Our Vision

A day when every common man and the poor getting affordable drugs and other pharmaceutical products. That is the day we are looking for – We shall strive to be the center par excellence in Pharmaceutical education with that aim. We are well aware that the new laws regarding patent and intellectual property rights and the consequent impending hike in prices, is the single major challenge our country is going to face. We also know that the only solution for this peril is to develop professionals with a human touch. We look forward for a future when our students take up this responsibility on their shoulders and be the leaders in their endeavour.

Our Mission

To mould the character, shape the career, perfect the behavior and excel in educating the younger generations of today and tomorrow


The world health organization [WHO] has defined health as straight of complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity; within the context of this definition health care provider play a major role in striving for heath in a population.

The profession of Pharmacy is an integral part of the heath care system worldwide. It is a versatile, dynamic, growing and increasing diverse profession, since last decade the pharmacy profession in India is evolving due to industrialization and increase in patients need, leading to an increase in the demand of pharmacy professionals. Many developed nations such as Australia, UK and US have also given prescription rights to pharmacist to reduce the burden of physician and improve their quality of care. However in India compare to western countries, the role of the community pharmacist is limited. The current era of globalization has witness evolution in the profession of health sectors especially in Pharmacy. Whereas previously the pharmacist worldwide was seen as responsible primarily for manufacturing, supplying the medicines, today the Pharmacist role has expanded from dispensing to pharmaceutical care by maximizing the benefits of medications and their safety.

India is well advanced in the field of medical education and medical care. The growth can be attributed to quality medical institutions available and partly due to the application of technology in medicine. The Medical Education in India is rated as one of the best in the world. Success of the medical care depends on the competence of complementary and powerful paramedical sciences especially pharmacy.

The Pharmaceutical services have assumed greater importance in India and abroad to keep abreast of the newer developments, Diploma, Graduate Pharmacists are having a greater demand worldwide. Hence educational Institutions of Pharmacy have also come up in greater numbers with updated curriculum to fulfill the demand.

Pharmacists are working in the various fields like Pharmaceutical Industry, Practice (community and hospital), Academics, Regulatory (government) and Clinical Research.

The Pharmaceutical Industry in India is one of the largest and most advanced among the developing countries. Besides providing employment to millions, it ensures that essential drugs are available at affordable prices to the vast population of India. Pharmacists are practicing the following areas like community (retail) pharmacy, medical store/chemists and druggist, hospital pharmacy and clinical pharmacy and they form a vital link between the physician, nurses and the patients. As a core part of a health care team, Pharmacists are playing a key role in assuring that medicines are supplied in a safe and effective manner along with relevant information to the patients. Pharmacy professionals have thus entered the transitionary phase, and are changing the roles from mere dispenser to medicine therapy managers. Pharmacist are working in Academics as a teachers involving various roles to play in the teaching institutions/pharmacy colleges and also carry out continuing upgradation and research work, liaison with industry and pharmacy practice.

Pharmacists are working in the Drug Control Department in various section of CDSCO (central drug standard drug control organization). CDSCO is the central body in India for drug control, each state of the country has its own drug control department, having local jurisdiction. Drug control department (Drug Inspector, Asst. Drug Controller and Drug Controllers) regulates and issuing of clinical trial approvals, manufacturing approvals, market approvals and some work in the drug testing laboratory associated with the drug control departments (pharmaceutical chemists/analyst).

Pharmacists are working in the area of clinical research. CROs (Clinical research organizations) in India are staffed with a highly skilled work force, most of them armed with various advanced technical qualifications.


1 A comparative study to evaluate the effect of Renin angiotensin Aldosterone system inhibitors, Renin angiotensin Aldosterone system inhibitors with Cilnidipine and Renin angiotensin Aldosterone system inhibitors with other antihypertensives in Proteinurea with type II diabetes Dr M.P.Narmadha
2 Comparative evaluation of safety, efficacy and cognitive profile of amisulpride and olanzapine in Scizophrenia patients – A prospective study Mr Sivakumar
3 Dyselectrolytemia in stable and acute exacerbation chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients – A cross sectional study Dr M.P.Narmadha
4 Assessment of prevalence of microvascular complications in type II diabetes mellitus patients Dr M.P.Narmadha
5 Assessment of impact of Pharmacotherapy along with remediation on the management of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder Dr M.P.Narmadha
6 A study on the incidence of pregnancy induced hypertension among antinetal mothers, its management and impact on the neonates. Dr M.P.Narmadha
7 Study of Drug utilization pattern in paediatric patients with upper and lower respiratory tract infections in a tertiary care hospital Mr Sivakumar
8 Development of topical emulgel formulation using methanolic extract of cassia tora and cod liver oil for skin infections
9 Design and development of injectable insitu gel for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis Dr.S.Ramesh
10 Preparation of topical formulation of clindamycin for vaginal infections Dr.S.Ramesh
11 Formulation and characterization of green-synthesised silver nanoparticles and its transdermal delivery for breast cancer therapy. Mrs.Deepa.M.K.
12 Development of nanoparticulate formulations for the oral delivery of insulin Mr.S.Mahendran
13 Transdermal approach of purified nanoemulsified filamentous haemagglutinin (fha) from bordetella pertusis strain 134 against whooping cough disease Dr.S.Ramesh
14 Development of oral formulation of cefotaxime sodium against bacterial infections. Mr.S.Mahendran.
15 Purification of tetanus toxin and toxoid by gel filtration chromatography. Mrs.Deepa.M.K.
16 Formulation and characterization of green synthesised silver nanoparticle loaded mucoadhesive microspheres for the treatment of gastric ulcer Mrs.Deepa.M.K